MIND/SHIFT and Stories Teachers Share



MIND/SHIFT: How We Will Learn                          Stories Teachers Share Podcast

Resources, strategies, and support for modern educators who know there is more that can be done to improve their teaching and students’ learning experiences. The blog site is geared towards many different educational age groups and often the articles highlight applications of the topics in a variety of classroom settings. The articles are detailed, easy to read, offer encouragement and strategies rather than indomitable tasks, and often are paired with source links and videos for more in depth study. The blog site divides up its article topics into the categories: motivation, teaching strategies, digital tools, the mindshift guide to digital games and learning, culture, big ideas, kids and coding, teenage years, creativity, and stories teachers share podcast and video. The blog is updated with new articles weekly and is fairly easy to navigate. This MIND/SHIFT site works with NPR and PBS to provide phenomenal additional learning and teaching resources.

The Stories Teachers Share podcast is great for a laugh and to feel connected with some of the hardships, joys, and connections that come with the territory of teaching. I have listened to all of their podcast episodes even before doing research about this blog site because of worry about being a disastrous first year teacher this fall. The podcast story Wet Sundays was my first brush with the MIND/SHIFT pod-casting scene and it floored me in a good way.

MIND/SHIFT is a blog for everyday lesson planning ideas or lifesaving classroom DIY storage tips. It is, however, a positive, creative, and intellectual blog that works to bring the developing ideas and strategies for instruction, integration, and digital navigation to educators and an easily accessible and engaging way.


One thought on “MIND/SHIFT and Stories Teachers Share

  1. Hi Mary,
    As a “specialist” (ESOL teacher), I often wish I was more connected with the other ESOL teachers in Fairfax County, where I work. I will look into MIND SHIFT and will also try to find something specifically for ESOL teachers. A place to drink a cup of tea and talk about ideas, projects, ask questions and just “be” with a kindred spirit. 🙂 Thanks for your post!


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